Get Rid of Bugs in Your Yard This Summer

by admin on July 3, 2012

The sunny days of summer, along with warm summer evenings, provide the perfect setting for outdoor entertaining. As summer descends, more and more people are getting ready to head outside for backyard get-togethers, parties and barbecues. Anyone who wants to entertain guests in his or her yard will need to create a comfortable, fun setting to maximize guest enjoyment. To get the most of out of backyard gatherings during the summer, use a pump sprayer to spread insecticide and kill the bugs that can bring down the mood of even the best party. Such sprayers offer a safe, effective solution to pest problems.

What is the Best Choice?

Every homeowner has many choices when it comes to pest control. Getting rid of bugs before a big barbecue or pool party is a great way to ensure that guests have a great time without getting bit by pesky mosquitos, flies and gnats. Citronella candles and bug zapping lamps have long been popular means of insect control. Unfortunately, these methods only go so far in discouraging insects. Guests who wander away from the immediate vicinity of the candle or zapper can be attacked by thirsty, annoying mosquitoes.

eliminate bugs pump sprayer

Personal bug sprays are also a great option for pest control, but they can wear out quickly. Some individuals prefer not to use such sprays because they can cause irritation to the skin, lungs and eyes. Party hosts also can’t count on the fact that guests will have used bug spray prior to coming to a party. As a host, it’s necessary to control the bug population with an effective, long-lasting solution. Such solutions are the only way to ensure that guests can enjoy a party without the hassle of insects.

Many individuals who want to control backyard bugs choose to hire exterminators or pest control professionals. While such services are generally effective, they can also be very expensive. The costs of extermination chemicals and labor can add up quickly. In a tight economy, many consumers simply cannot afford to hire the services of a professional exterminator. Thankfully, these individuals can use an insecticide pump sprayer or fogger to eliminate bugs and clear the way for great outdoor get-togethers.

The All-Inclusive Effective Solution

Handheld foggers and sprayers are very easy to use. Individuals simply load such devices with an insecticide and spray or fog the area that they wish to eliminate of pests. Sprayers tend to be very small and portable. They are easy to clean and store, making them an ideal solution for the homeowner or renter who is running short of space. These sprayers are available at a variety of retailers. They tend to be quite inexpensive.

The chemicals needed for use with handheld sprayers and foggers are available at many discount stores, garden stores and home improvement centers. Individuals who use such sprays should remember to purchase adequate eye, nose and mouth protection to prevent irritation while spraying or fogging. Many individuals enjoy using such sprayers and foggers because they can be kept at-the-ready. A last-minute party can be kept bug free by a quick spray of the yard.

Mosquitos, flies and gnats can ruin even the best outdoor gathering. Consumers who are looking for a long-term, easy-to-use solution for pest control can rely on handheld sprayers and foggers. These handy devices can be as effective as professional extermination services at a fraction of the cost.

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