7 Garden Statements to Make Your Neighbours Green With Envy!

by admin on June 29, 2012

People say that the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you want to make sure that it’s your garden that’s the envy of the neighbourhood, then add one of these garden statements!

Image by crinklecrankle.com

1) Water wheel

Water wheels aren’t just for mills; they could be the latest addition to your garden pond.

If you live by a river you could even generate your own electricity!

But while a 4ft high wheel might only make a slight impression, if you want to make more of a – get an 8ft tall one instead!


2) Fire pit

Garden heaters are a thing of the past, this year it’s all about fire pits!

There’s nothing better than getting cosy around a warm fire, and now you have that experience outside too!

Fire pits are great for bringing people together, and you can even invite your neighbours around for a closer look!

Image by Sarah

3) Orangery

Conservatories are so 2011, to really impress your neighbours get an orangery instead!

Orangeries have been around since the 16th century, but have experienced a recent surge in popularity. While conservatories are primarily made up of glass, orangeries are often made up of brick or wood – acting more like an extension of your home.

Orangeries were historically used as both a place to grow fruit and vegetables, and as a symbol of success!

Your neighbours will be impressed, and they’ll be sure to envy your homemade orange juice!

4) Bird house

You may have had bird houses in the past, but it’s time to think bigger and better if you want to get noticed!

Instead of a bird house, get a bird villa, a bird mansion, a bird chalet!

If you want something more traditional then go for a dovecote.

You’re helping your local wildlife, and making your garden look wonderful!

Image by Xlibber


5) Props

If your garden is looking a bit sparse, then liven it up with a film or TV prop!

If you want something subtle (and practical,) then add a lamppost to your garden; you’ve got a beautiful garden light, and Narnia, in your backyard!

If you want something a bit more outlandish, then buy an old phone box and paint it blue; Doctor Who’s just landed!

With props, you can let your imagination run riot!

6) Sculptures and Topiary

You can go in any direction you want with this statement; you may want to buy a marble cherub or a plastic grasshopper – it’s up to you.

Topiary is similar, you can create classic or novelty designs. Just make sure that you get the experts in for this one, as it’s unlikely you’ll create a masterpiece on your first go!

Image by Crinklecrankle

7) Miniature Railway

I’m not talking about setting up a model railway system in your garden; I’m talking about installing a life size one!

You will need to have a fairly big garden to pursue this option, but it’s bound to give children a lot of hours of fun –and a few adults as well!

Only a handful of people have their own railways so far, so this statement will truly put your garden on the map!

Choosing a garden statement is always going to largely depend on taste and budget and obviously size of your garden. Just make sure not to add too many – you don’t want it to end up looking tacky!

Do you have any of these statements in your garden?

Jo Yeomans is a green fingered blogger for David Salisbury, who design stylish orangeries and conservatories.

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