What To Do In Your Garden In June

by admin on June 15, 2012

With another month passing, it’s time to once again consider what you need to be doing in your garden to ensure you’re not neglecting any duties! So it’s time to consider what June can mean to any keen home gardener.

Firstly we’ll look at the two main things you may actually be looking to grow in your garden – vegetable and fruit.


While it may seem late in the sowing season, it actually isn’t so far down the line that you can’t still plant some vegetable seeds to enjoy later this season. You can still kick off some salad crops, like beetroot, radish and even pak choi.

It’s also time to get vegetables outside and into the soil. If you’re looking to enjoy summer corn on the cob with your BBQ’s over the summer, make you plant them outside in blocks. You should choose block planting over planting in rows to help with fertilisation and in turn cob production.

If you have been growing some tomatoes indoors or in your greenhouse (or any other crops that you may have been nurturing indoors), it is now time to plant them outside. When you do this, make sure they are supported (with canes) and that you have ‘pruned’ the plant (such as the top shoot and the side shoots) as this will help ensure that the plant focuses on the fruit when growing.

For your cucumbers, similarly ensure that they supported and not all over the ground when you plant them outside. You can also feed them on a regular basis with tomato food.

You need to make sure that your softer vegetables (like tomatoes) do not split in the sun, so ensure that you water them regularly enough to prevent this. Also thorough weed removal will help with this as it ensures that all the moisture available is going to the plants you actually want to grow.


It’s all about the berries at this time of year. With raspberries, when the new shoots start to appear, make sure you then shorten their canes, similarly with blackberries, train in the shoots for good summer fruit. With strawberries, you need to tie or peg down the runners so that they can root well to produce good fruit in the next couple of months.

If you have fruit bushes (such as gooseberries or currants etc.) then it would be wise to prune the bushes as this will again ensure that the growing will concentrate on the fruit and not leaves.


It may be that you actually have some fruit or vegetable that are ready to harvest, so make sure you thoroughly check all your produce throughout the month to see if there is any reaping to be done.


With the summer sun around the corner, you need to make provisions to stop the plants from being scorched or dried out. Therefore you need to make sure your greenhouse has shading. This can be done by putting up shades within or over the glass to even using some sort of homemade paste on the windows that can later be washed off (using flour and water has been known as one homemade solution). Ensure also that there is ventilation in the greenhouse and that you once again, water regularly.

So in June there is still work to do. You can still plant some vegetables as well as start to see the fruits of your labour coming through. It’s all about being prepared and maintaining.


Colin McDonald is writing on behalf of Kings Seeds.

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