Are Rainforest Sprinklers the New Revolution in Garden Sprinklers?

by admin on February 6, 2011

What are rainforest sprinklers? Rainforest garden sprinklers are the name that is used to describe an innovative sprinkler that uses a fine mist like spray to saturate your garden. It’s ability to mimic the fine mist or dew of the rain forest causes it to be extremely effective. These innovative sprinklers are famed for their water conservation through the low usage requirements. But what makes them so revolutionary?

Rainforest Sprinklers as Garden Sprinklers

The garden sprinkler itself is made from 100% recycled components, plastic, that possess unique qualities that actually help to conserve water; one of the companies trade secrets apparently. The sprinkler system is capable of delivering controlled coverage of an area encompassing 1900 square feet and is designed to perform beautifully even under low water pressure conditions. Because of its ability to work well under low and high water pressures it is excellent for professional growers that require power to deliver irrigation to acres of land or the novice gardener that is nursing a patch of garden in the back yard. Rainforest garden sprinklers promote strong ecology friendly ideology which makes it an essential tool in the green movement.

More About Rainforest Sprinklers

Rainforest Sprinklers

Rainforest Sprinklers

It’s creator, Mark Loran, a plant enthusiast himself, designed the system as a way to contribute to the beautification of the planet without indiscriminately wasting precious natural resources. The sprinkler itself uses one-third less water than it’s oscillating counterpart. The gentle mist that it emits targets the root base while protecting seedlings and delicate foliage and it contributes to less evaporation and run off because the stream is so fine that it is more like dew than an actual spray. The design is simplistic yet revolutionary in that is has only one major moving component, that is the actual sprinkler head. The design is rugged and durable making it excellent for private use as well as use in commercial applications. Because of its natural resistance to clogging it works great in areas where there is hard water, no need to worry about calcium and lime build up.

The garden sprinkler itself is a marvel, its design user and ecology friendly and its application highly efficient. It provides the perfect way to turn your garden into an exotic rainforest, encouraging lush green growth and protecting tender shouts and new plants. So if you’re looking for a cost effective and earth friendly solution to keeping your garden lush and green try out the rainforest sprinklers and water smarter not harder.

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